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Collection, record, creation, accumulation, will start from this moment

Cloud collection

One click to save all resources, cross-platform collection, completely solve the source data loss and data synchronization troubles.

Focused Content

Focus on content only, automatically removes ads and sidebars when you bookmark, providing you with better focus.

Quick Search

On any page, prioritize your search for content in your cloud collection to make your targeting more accurate.

Category Panel

Provides category panels and multi-tag support, allowing you to easily manage the organization of your content.

Privacy Policy

Only you have permission to process your data, we guarantee absolute privacy.

More Features

More features are waiting for you to discover.

Cloud collection, one click to save all resources

Supports saving web pages, links, images, selected clips and other resources permanently in the cloud and never lose them.

A cross-platform collection solution that allows us to focus only on the content of the collection.

office content 1 office content 2
office content 1 office content 2

Easy Search

Any page, prioritize the search for your own exclusive content, allowing the collection to search to form a perfect closed loop.

When internal resources are not found, it will automatically jump to the specified search engine, without switching back and forth.

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